Victoria Ereskina

Designer, HOK

Victoria Ereskina is a Facades Design Professional at HOK with an educational background in mechanical engineering and architecture. She’s the lead THERM modeler at HOK, she analyses the performance of exterior wall systems in the metrics of the weighted overall U-value, condensation resistance at critical transitions, LEED Daylight Autonomy, irradiation with potential for photovoltaic capacity, and overall studies of constructability through detailed 3D models of complex assemblies. She creates custom parametric tools for modeling façade panelization on projects to account for flexibility during early design and still quantify the differences between iterations. Her broad background and skill set enables her to communicate between sustainability specialists, façade system manufacturers, structural engineers, and architectural designers in both the early and late stages of design, leading to optimized solutions and reduction of changes down the road. She creates general educational tools to increase the knowledge of design professionals in various aspects of façade design, including animated illustrations of the movement of enclosure panels in response to lateral and gravity loads on a building. Victoria is an adjunct professor in the New York City College of Technology Architectural Technology department and an EIT in the State of New York.

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