Werryson Wijaya

Associate Architect, UNA Architecture Design Group

With over a decade project expertise in architectural design, Werryson has diverse experience for various building typology from hospitality, residential, commercial, educational and many more for both corporate and private clientele.

As an architectural designer in UNA Architecture Design Group consisting of Atelier Una, Avana Architecture, and Astana Interior, respectively focusing on larger scale building, residential, and interior design projects, he does not only lead, but also guide the design and construction process for myriads of specifically challenging and complex project resulting in uniquely crafted places to meet the needs of the clients.

With the dynamic development in the field of construction, Werryson believes that collaboration is the key to create a one-of-a-kind built environment by synthesizing artistic and technical insights from different project stakeholders. Werryson has designed functional yet poetic built environments focusing on its users and their activity, thus giving each project a distinguished contextual signature.

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