81st Edition – Zak World of Façades Qatar

This was the 81st global edition and the 4th edition in Doha. It showcased the latest innovations and challenges in the construction industry pertaining to building envelopes and the latest technological solutions.

Speakers and Panelists
Head of Technical & Compliance – MEIAP, Siderise Insulation
Donel Dippi is an experienced stakeholder-focused Technical Engineer who specialises in passive fire protection and acoustic solutions for the façades of buildings in the Middle East, India, and South Asia Pacific. With a deep understanding of testing, certification, compliance, and...
Project Manager-Designs, Qatar Design Consortium
Mansoor is an architect with experience of around 15 years in wide range of projects including hotels, commercial developments, health-care, residential, broadcasting studios, stadiums etc. With a background in Architecture and a passion for design, he delivers a unique combination...
Executive Director - Infrastructure, Arab Engineering Bureau
Moen is working with Arab Engineering Bureau as Executive Director. He is an expert on smart cities and intelligent mobility and has many research publications in International Journals and seminars. Moen serves on a various national committees and advisory boards....
Associate Director - Madrid, Chapman Taylor
Javier has extensive design and construction experience working on both Spanish and international projects, including the project and resident architect role during the construction of Mall of Qatar in Doha. He has a strong record of leading multidisciplinary teams in...
Architectural Marketing Manager, Pulver Powder Coatings
Gökhan ERMIŞ is the architectural Marketing Manager of Pulver Powder Coatings, the third largest powder coating manufacturer in Europe. He has a master’s degree in marketing from Marmara University and a bachelor’s degree in advertising from Near East University. He...
Director, The Glass Company
Sanmukh is the founder of The Glass company that he set up after working for over 10 years in the glass industry and brings is specialist knowledge of complex and challenging glass assembly to fabricators and end clients to delivery...
Head of Facade Engineering, WSP
Susanna holds a master’s degree in Façade Engineering from the University of Applied Science in Detmold, Germany. In her current position as the Head of Facade Engineering she is responsible for technical and commercial design, competition design documents and managing...
Director, BDP Pattern
Luke Harrison is Associate Director of Pattern Design. He is both an Architect and computational designer, with extensive experience of Sports Architecture and Venue Design. He has worked on many of Pattern’s projects around the world, most recently Luke has...
Pre-Construction Director, Alutec
John Douglas is Group Pre-Construction Director at Alutec. Headquartered in Qatar, Alutec delivers projects across the world and has offices & facilities in Toronto, Vancouver, Switzerland, Ireland, India and Shanghai. Alutec is currently working on several towers across North America,...
Senior Manager - Architecture, Qatari Diar
Bassem Mardini has over 30 years of Project/Design Management experience for complex large scale (mega) international Master Plan, Infrastructure, FIFA Regulation Stadiums & Building projects covering both public and private sector developments within Architectural, Project Management and Client representative organizations...
Commercial & Corporate Relations Director, Effisus MENA
Paulo Carvalho is Effisus commercial & corporate relations director, supporting the business with his skill set and experience in the international building construction industry. With a solid experience on sales, management, product development, and business strategy, his current focus is...
Director Pre-Construction Services, Schueco Middle East
Thomas Fruhmann is a senior Façade/Building Skin Specialist with a top-level experience in curtain wall construction industry. He has acquired a diversified experience in design, production, project coordination, project management, contracts management, risk management, and tender/sales management, and developed a...
Chief Operating Officer, Priedemann Façade Experts
Micha Pawelka, who has an academic qualification in Wholesale Management and Foreign Trade, gained over 20 years of experience in the Glass and Facade Industry in Europe. He was a Sales Director in the Schollglas Group in Germany before relocating...
High Performance Product Manager - Northern Europe, Kuraray
Allan Gibson is based in Oxford and for the past 18 years, Allan has managed the supply and specification of specialist materials used in the construction industry in the UK and Middle East. Now responsible for the Trosifol PVB and...
Director of Design, Adrian Smith + Gordon Gill Architecture
AS+GG Design Director, Alejandro Stochetti AIA, is building an impressive body of international work in all scales and typologies. He embraces the challenges of highly prominent projects with global exposure as well as of smaller, cost-conscious projects, with their own...
Lead Façade Engineer - Middle East, BG&E Façades
Maged (Max) Ahmed joined BG&E Façades in 2014 as a senior façade engineer. After two years in the head office in Melbourne, Australia; he re-located to the Middle East where he established the Middle East presence of BG&E Façades. Since...
CEO, Qatar Aluminium Extrusion Co (QALEX)
Mr. Yousef Al Yacoub, a Jordan national having a degree in BCS in Applied Chemistry is currently the General Manager of Qatar Aluminium Extrusion Co. (QALEX) – a subsidiary of QIMC (Qatar Industrial Manufacturing Company). He has proven his expertise...
Conference Agenda
  • Is it really something new?
  • The disconnection between a sustainable design and the execution
  • Case studies of projects in execution stage
  • Overview on fire rated AVCL membranes & systems: Experience since 2011 with tests & approvals
  • The importance of weatherproofing design
  • Façade applications with case studies in GCC & UK
  • Case studies on common defects and their consequences such as mould infestation from façade air leakages, stone façades failures, water leakages in façades, façades popping noises and awning windows failures
  • Extreme levels of security from man made threats.
  • Solutions for forced entry, blast and ballistic protection.
  • Helping you specify products that are fit for purpose.
  • Al Wasl at the Heart of the Expo 2020 - A new type of public space
  • Al Wasl from Expo event to Legacy
  • Expo Astana from Expo event to Legacy
  • “Cherry picking” the right façade system for the right application
  • The secret to designing a sword façade
  • Digitalisation: Your daily fix
  • The importance of the image: The first impression
  • How the façade can help to transmit the building character
  • The building as an unitary entity: Design coherence
  • More than just an envelope
  • Fused into a performing and generating zone
  • Computational scripts making it possible - From concept to installation
  • Scaling glass in architectural world
  • Smart city integration
  • Net zero façades with glass
  • Functional requirements of perimeter barrier firestop systems and cavity barriers
  • Fire resistance testing for curtain walling and perimeter barriers and a transatlantic comparison of testing approach, criteria and experiences
  • The criticality of workmanship quality and the need for installation inspection & reporting
  • How achieving tight tolerance in extrusion by applying strict operation condition including billet quality, temperature, die temperature, exit temperature, cooling, etc… help in the precion of the profile
  • Different types surface finishing for aluminium profiles including powder coating, PVDF, anodizing & wood finish
  • Specification standards of Qualicoat & Qualinod for anodizing and powder coating
  • Solar reflective powder coatings
  • Powder coatings classes by climate
  • Digital solutions for façade by powder coatings
  • Integrating the right assessment models for getting the most value out of façades
  • Value engineering versus value extortion: Is it cost reduction for diminished value?
  • Continuing the process improvisations for best practices
  • Value engineering for bespoke façade procurement to suit local Qatari requirements

Thomas Fruhmann

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