Arif Belgaumi

Principal Architect, Arif Belgaumi Architects

Arif Belgaumi is an architect based in Karachi, Pakistan. His office, Arif Belgaumi Architects, draws on nearly three decades of diverse architectural experience gained in the United States and Pakistan, in a practice grounded in the regional and cultural context of Pakistan. The firm has a diverse portfolio of works consisting of residential, commercial, educational and diplomatic buildings.

Arif Belgaumi received a Bachelor of Arts in Design of the Environment in 1987 and a Master of Architecture degree in 1991, both from the University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia. After completing his studies Arif worked for a number of years in the United States before returning to Pakistan in 1998.

Arif Belgaumi’s work is preoccupied with the craft of making. He is particularly interested in the inherent qualities of materials and how they contribute to the development of the detail as functional and expressive architectural components. He is active in promoting environmental concerns and developments in architecture to address climate change. He is an advocate for the preservation of the natural environment and the need for green and sustainable development in urban areas.

Arif Belgaumi has been active in architectural education for over twenty years and serves as an adjunct faculty member in the Department of Architecture at the Indus Valley School of Art and Architecture. He has also been involved at many levels in local profession organizations and international forums.

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