Ayesha Ahmed

Head of Specifications, Caparol

Ayesha Ahmad is an accomplished architectural Specialist with expertise in EIFS, facade design and Paints & coatings. With over 17 years of experience in the paints & coatings industry, She has worked in on a diverse range of projects, from historical renovations to contemporary skyscrapers as a EIFS & Coatings Expert.

Ayesha led the design and implementation of facade systems for several high-profile projects worldwide. Also stablished specification technical divisions for famous international paint brands. She spoke for EWA/Bahrain Civil Defense Conference 2017. She served as a guest lecturer at prestigious university in Pakistan, sharing insights on colour, coatings facade design and engineering.

Ayesha is known for her engaging and informative solution provider approach to the design industry. She combines technical expertise with real-world examples to provide practical insights into facade design and evacuation strategies to Architects and Façade designers. Areas of Expertise: EIFS, Paints, Acoustics and Facade design solutions; Design intend incorporation of EIFS installation for high-rise & Low-rise buildings; Integration of EIFS technology and sustainability in facade design; Historical perspectives on architecture and urban planning.

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