David Emmer

Head of Design, Sweco Architects

David Emmer leads the design department at Sweco Architects Germany. He and his team are focusing on the development of sustainable solutions for every project and the promotion of digital design tools in the creative process.

Previously to joining Sweco Architects, David gained over 15 years of professional experience in Asia and the Middle East, where he oversaw the design and delivery of several award-winning projects.

He has participated in over 50 design competitions covering a wide range of project types, from large-scale mixed-use developments to healthcare and science buildings, from supertall towers to low-rise cultural and entertainment venues. Some of his key projects are the Bluewaters Residences and the design of the Cirque du Soleil flagship theater building, both located in Dubai. In Asia, he has led the design of several complex mixed-use developments of up to 450,000m² that are currently under construction.

David started his studies with art history and literature, followed by architecture studies in Paris, Karlsruhe, and Berlin.

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