Güldem Acet

Business Manager Turkey - Powder Coatings, Axalta

Güldem Acet who is the Business Manager of Axalta Powder Coatings Turkey has taken an active role in many responsibilities such as decision-maker on pricing and sales strategies, proven management & leadership with the ability to apply strategic business, financial results including profit and cash flow, organization set up, strategic marketing, planning, value chain offering, portfolio management.   

She first started her professional business career in Marshall Boya Sanayi then continued in Dupont Performance Coatings. Her positions were respectively Product Manager Assistant, Product Manager, Sales Manager, Country Sales Manager of the Industrial department after the company’s Dupont Performance Coatings structuring. Axalta’s new investment in Turkey in 2019 which is the new factory of Powder Coatings added value for her professional career as Business Manager. She actively participates in many local and international women’s investment platforms.

She holds a bachelor’s degree in chemical engineering from Eskişehir Anadolu University, Turkey. She also graduated from University of Surrey, England. 
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