115th Edition – Zak World of Façades Turkey

This will be the 115th edition globally and the 2nd edition in Turkey which will showcase sustainable innovations and challenges in the construction industry pertaining to the building envelope and will also display latest technological solutions.

Speakers and Panelists
Technical Office Chief, Altes Aluminium
Ebru Elmas Gökçal graduated from Dokuz Eylul University, faculty of Architecture on 2003. She has been working for Altes Aluminium established in 1976 in Ankara / Turkey, which has a reputable position in the international facade sector, worked as a...
Façade Works Manager, Rönesans Holding
Birkan Dulkadir is a Façade Works Manager and has been working at Rönesans Holding since 2016. He has a bachelor degree from Niğde University, faculty of Civil Engineering in 2004. He has been working on both national and international projects...
Business Development Manager, Ardıç Cam
Mr Melih OZGUVEN has 20 years experience in Quality control, Production, Business development and Marketing. He completed his undergraduate education from Istanbul University and his master’s degree from Hacettepe University. He is an expert in Project Management and Management Systems;...
Architectural Projects Manager, Şişecam
Şeyma Elçin received her Bachelor of Architecture from Yıldız Technical University in 2011. She worked as Project Manager and Site Chief for several architectural design and construction companies. Mostly on office and interior projects, she managed all the legs of...
Product Manager, Technoform Glass Insulation Italia
Naz Fenercioğlu is responsible of Turkish and Balkans markets based in Technoform Glass Insulations Italy in Milan. TECHNOFORM, is the global leader based in Germany with worldwide know-how on thermal insulation of doors, windows, & facades for over 50 years....
General Manager, Tuna Yapı
Atilla Çetinkaya completed his High School at Maçka Technical High School and graduated from the department of Architecture of Yıldız University and started his career as a Site Control Architect at the Architect Offices. It was 1993 when he met...
Business Development Manager, A. Proctor Group
Adam Salt has been working for The A. Proctor Group since 2019 and has specialised in facades in high-rise, offsite and modular construction. Adam has years of experience in the high-rise sector, focusing on façade design, regulation compliance and innovation....
Co-founder, Erginoğlu & Çalışlar
Erginoğlu & Çalışlar Design Center co-founder architect Hasan Çalışlar, was born in 1969, in İstanbul. After graduating from Le Lycée Saint-Michel, he pursued his education at Mimar Sinan University, Faculty of Architecure, graduating in 1992. Finishing his graduate studies on...
Founding Partner, NN Grup
He is a founding partner of NNGRUP Façade Consultancy & Engineering and is an expert in building envelope design and application with over 25 years of work experience. Nejdet Ziyaettin completed his undergraduate, graduate and doctorate education from Istanbul Technical...
Managing Director, Hydro Yapı Sistemleri Türkiye
‘Cagdas Taylan, has over 25 years of experience in the management of teams for building materials. Since 2002, he is the Managing Director of Hydro Building Systems Turkey. Prior to that, he has been in various positions for another multinational...
Managing Partner, Kinza Yapı
Serkan Bulutdağıtan was born in Izmit in 1971. He graduated from  Yildiz Teknik Universitesi, faculty of Civil Engineering. He is a member of the company’s board of directors for KINZA Yapı A.S established in 1996 in Istanbul / Turkey, which...
Managing Director, Innobuild
Kaan Kuran, with degrees in Naval Architecture, Marine Engineering (B.S) and Mechanical Engineering (MSs) both from Istanbul TU and MBA (Istanbul Univ.) entered the world of façades in 1993 with production and application of window systems, winter gardens and façade...
Founding Partner, Emre Arolat Architecture
Born in Switzerland, Gonca Pasolar commenced her college studies at the Middle East Technical University in Ankara-Turkey, receiving also her graduate degree in the field of Architecture. In 2004, along with Emre Arolat they formed their own practice in Istanbul...
Business Development Manager, Tremco CPG
Tolga Aycı is working as a Business Development Manager for Tremco CPG which is a global leader of contruction chemicals. In this role, value propositions of group brands such as Tremco, Illbruck, Nullifire, Dryvit, Flowcrete, Vandex and Nudura that provides...
General Manager, Libart International
Özgür Yumrukçal was born in 1979 in Istanbul. He has a Civil Engineering Degree from Istanbul University, which he completed in 2002, while simultaneously embarking on his professional career with the construction of Atatürk Olympic Stadium. Later, he was employed...
Director, Arup Istanbul
İlkay Çorgundağ is the Director of Arup, Istanbul Office, leading the architectural team and property business. She is experienced in design and design management. She has been leading large scale multidisciplinary projects with a focus on sustainability & social resilience,...
Sustainability Director, Hydro Extrusions
Jean-Marc is Sustainability Director for Hydro Extrusions, having joined as Energy Solutions Manager in 2008. Prior to his current positions, he has held a number of different roles within the organization. Originally from Grand Duchy of Luxemburg, he holds an...
Vice Chairman, TurkishGlass
Tansu Kumru has 30 years of experience in the glass sector and has been working for Şişecam which is currently one of the world’s leading glass manufacturers with production operations located in 14 countries on four continents. She is currently...
Founder & Managing Director, Esbau Yapı Sistemleri
She graduated from Istanbul Technical University Faculty of Architecture in 1998. She took various positions in the important companies of the building sector in the field of building materials. She established her own company ESBAU building systems in 2009. In...
Façade Works Chief, Turner Construction
Ufuk graduated from Architecture department of Middle East Technical University, Faculty of Architecture in 1985. From the first years of his profession until today, he has undertaken the construction, facade and roofing works as a contractor with his partners. During...
Business Manager Turkey - Powder Coatings, Axalta
Güldem Acet who is the Business Manager of Axalta Powder Coatings Turkey has taken an active role in many responsibilities such as decision-maker on pricing and sales strategies, proven management & leadership with the ability to apply strategic business, financial...
Owner, MRS Danışmanlık
She graduated from Dokuz Eylul University Faculty of Architecture in 1995. She has been working on building façade systems for about 26 years and continues to work on sustainability. She designed the antibacterial system used in operating theatres. She took...
Managing Partner, Architect, Yazgan Design Architecture
Kerem Yazgan obtained his B. Arch degree from the Middle East Technical University Department of architecture in 1993. He worked in a diversity of architectural offices and participated in various architectural design competitions until 1996. He opened his first architectural...
Composites Manager. Glass Division EMIEA, HB Fuller/Kömmerling
Chris Davis has responsibility for product management of the H.B.Fuller / Kömmerling Liquid Optically Clear Adhesive range of products for glass lamination. He has been in his current role since 2012 working in the building product sector within the façade...
Managing Partner, Architect , Yazgan Design Architecture
Begüm Yazgan has worked on both national and international projects consisting of shopping centers, residences, banks, hotels and university buildings in private architectural offices from 1995 to 1998. She also attended the Landscape Design Studio and worked in the Revolving...
General Manager, FMT Cephe Danışmanlık
Haldun Yilmaz, has a bachelor degree from Bosphorus University in 1989, and masters degree in Industrial Engineering and has various certificates about Facade Engineering from institutions such as İTÜ and CWCT Bath University, alongside the 33 years of work experience...
Managing Director, FDF Cephe Danışmanlığı
Necdet Bahadir Buluk is a MSc Facade Engineer and the founder of Façade Design Factory (FDF), which is a consultancy and engineering company located in Istanbul and providing international services in different countries ,such as Turkey, Georgia, Germany, France and...
Principal, KPF
Mustafa Chehabeddine is a Design Principle at Kohn Pedersen Fox Associates (KPF) with over 20 years’ experience as an architect. He has worked on projects around the world, from commercial, residential, hospitality and mixed-use developments to large-scale masterplans with complex...
Conference Agenda
  • Climate change and natural results of it
  • Effects on façade, ‘What should a façade designer consider in the design phase?’

  • Sample cases for design failures and recommendations for façade designers

  • Warm edge spacers for insulated glass units – What is it?
  • Thermal insulation in windows, doors and façades – How it works!
  • How to save money, energy and the environment with your building fenestration
  • Importance of sustainability
  • Deployment on real projects
  • Offered opportunities / Opportunities
  • Projects that illustrate the use of parametric design to rationalise design development
  • Challenges and opportunities in façade design
  • Future considerations for façade performance and delivery
  • Contracting abroad, what is expected?
  • How different regions have different rules, challenges, standards, criteria and priorities. What are these?
  • What are the obstacles faced and how can we be ready for them to work in different geographies abroad
  • Do's and Dont's: Advantages and disadvantages of foreign projects

Haldun Yilmaz

  • Total Architectural Approach
  • Silk Road Touristic Center
  • Value added solutions from floor to roof
  • Chemical compatibility challenges in façade envelope
  • Contribution to energy efficient and sustainable systems and projects
  • The benefits of an external air barrier to limit penetrations
  • Detailing of building design: Reveals and penetrations
  • Hygrothermal (i.e. WUFI) assessment methods
  • Powder coatings & sustainability
  • Contribution to LEED certifications
  • Performance: Durability and functionalities
  • Solution partner for today and tomorrow boasting a powerful and extensive ecosystem
  • Adding value to the environment and human life with customised and advanced glass solutions for even the most demanding projects
  • Proactively contributing to the future of our planet with sustainable projects and technologies
  • Insulating glass unit (IGU) and its effect on curtain wall performance
  • Quality requirements in the production process of the insulating glass unit (IGU)
  • Examination of the IGU factory production control process with examples
  • Advantages of a reactive thermoplastic spacer in SG-façades
  • Improved energy efficiency through long-term gastight insulating glass
  • High end warm-edge spacer system for unlimited design possibilities e.q. cold-bending glass
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