Matthijs Bruijnse

Senior Vice President, Schueco International - Germany

J. Mattheus (Matthijs) Bruijnse was born 25 June 1969 in Amstelveen. He studied in the Netherlands at the University of Groningen (Master degree in Economics) and has the Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from the Haarlem Business School in the Netherlands.

He started his career in consulting after which he moved to British Petroleum (BP) for 14 years. Mr. Bruijnse worked for British Petroleum in several senior positions in Hamburg, London, Antwerp, Rotterdam and Montpellier.

Since September 1, 2010 he has been employed at the Schuco International KG, Bielefeld. In his role as Senior Vice President New Markets Mr. Bruijnse is responsible for the international growth and development of new markets at Schueco International KG.

Mr. Bruijnse is a Business leader with more than 20 years of experience in the Energy and Building sector. He is a strategic and creative thinker, a team player driven by a desire for personal growth and new international challenges.