Peter Walker

CEO, BAU Arkitektur

Peter Walker is CEO of BAU and one of the company‚Äôs founding partners. The office has a broad portfolio including urban development, commercial buildings and housing as well as hotels and industrial buildings. BAU today has just over 90 architects, construction engineers, visualization experts and environmental engineers who support our special focus on daylight and climate analysis as part of the design process. As an architect, Peter has long experience of urban planning in early, structural stages, exemplified by Kista Structure Plan, Arenastaden and Arlanda airport city development, and with that came his subsequent knowledge of the city’s infrastructure, its in-between spaces and success factors for urban life and development. Work in these early planning stages has led to numerous commissions for housing, infrastructure and commercial projects ranging from office buildings to shopping destinations. A guiding principle in all projects has been to combine strong design and program concepts with know how in building technology to create something striving beyond expectations.