71st Edition – Zak World of Façades Sweden

This was the 71st global edition and 1st edition in Sweden. It showcased the latest innovations and challenges in the construction industry pertaining to building envelopes and the latest technological solutions also.

Speakers and Panelists
Global Leader Building Envelope Design, Arup
Director Pre-Construction Services, Schüco International
Stephen Tanno graduated from The University of Southampton in 1987 and worked as a Consulting Engineer for the next 16 years, including 5 years with Ove Arup in Sydney and 8 years as Group Director with Buro Happold, where he...
Senior Advisor, WSP Glass and Façade
Diana Avasoo is a WSP employee since the year 2001. During her 40 years in the building sector Diana has worked with glass issues in a wide perspective and energy efficiency in Sweden. She has participated in several projects and...
Senior Architect, Gatun Arkitekter
Lena is currently serving as senior Architect and is responsible for the Housing Segment at Gatun Arkitekter (former Scheiwiller Svensson Arkitektkontor). Her focus is on the areas of design, housing and city planning. She has been a Supervising Architect since...
Partner, Sauerbruch Hutton
Lina Lahiri studied architecture at the Oxford School of Architecture, Oxford Brookes University, and the Bartlett, University College London, where she obtained her diploma in 2005. As a freelance she designed a private timber house in Nyköping, Sweden and won...
Procurement Specialist - Glass and Metal Façades, Skanska
Christer Liljegren is currently working at Skanska as a specialist buyer of facades with focus on glass and metal. He has been active in the construction industry since the beginning of the nineties both as production leader and site manager...
Partner, C.F. Møller
Mårten Leringe is partner at C.F. Møller, and the managing director in Sweden. He is also is also active in the ongoing projects with focus on design and interaction with the client. Mårten has previously worked mainly as architect and...
CEO, Altitude Meetings
Yasemin has many years of experience of organizing and leading meetings and conferences of different kinds. Her focus is on social impact, societal challenges and cross-disciplinary meetings. She is often the moderator and facilitator in conferences and meetings around topics...
Head of Sales EMEA, Vector Foiltec
Phil Schneider is Head of Sales EMEA and responsible for the implementation of global sales processes within the Vector Foiltec Group. With a view on technology and engineering, but also on processes, overall solutions, and the clients view, he was...
Sales Manager Europe, Vector Foiltec
Geoffrey Walters is a Sales Manager for the region Central Europe. He has worked for Vector Foiltec for the last 8 years. One of his main objectives is the development of the Scandinavian market. He is a British Structural Engineer,...
Head of Department Sustainable Building, AF Consult
Kaia Eichler has nine years of experience of working with energy efficiency and environmental labelling systems of new buildings. Her main areas of specialization are building energy performance, indoor climate, daylight, solar shadings, energy systems, façade and building optimization, life...
Senior architect, Sweco; Professor, Housing architecture Chalmers
Kajsa Crona är arkitekt med mer än 20 års erfarenhet. Hon har arbetat mycket med stadsbyggnads- och bostadsprojekt i olika skeden och på olika nivåer. Kajsa arbetar ofta i idé- och tävlingsskeden men även i projekt ner på detaljnivå. Kajsa...
CEO, BAU Arkitektur
Peter Walker is CEO of BAU and one of the company’s founding partners. The office has a broad portfolio including urban development, commercial buildings and housing as well as hotels and industrial buildings. BAU today has just over 90 architects,...
CEO, Reflex Arkitekter
Marco Folke Testa is a registered Architect with a honor degree from the Politenico of Turin faculty of Architecture. During the last two decades has Marco been working internationally on several commercial and cultural developments both in Japan and USA...
CEO, Inform Design
Harris is the CEO of the newly founded consulting practice Inform Design; a Malmö based practice with a focus on facades, building physics and indoor climate. He enjoyed the opportunity to work in a wide range of Scandinavian and International...
Technical Specifications Manager, Saint-Gobain Building Glass Polska
With 20 years in the glass business Oskar has experienced controlling, production and sales before going into marketing and specification in 2014. He has worked a lot with indoor climate consultants, his skills cut across glass to facade and building...
Director of Sustainability, Tengbom
Ivana Kildsgaard is Director of Sustainability and Partner at Tengbom who works with business development ensuring higher sustainability profile of company’s architectural practice as well as aligning company’s own performance with the UN Global Goals. As an architect and engineer...
Head of Dsearch, White Research Lab
Artistic Professor Jonas Runberger is an architect, researcher and educator active in practice and academia. He heads the Dsearch development team for computational design at White arkitekter since 2010. The team works in projects with exceptional challenges, where computation is...
Regional Manager - Gothenburg, ACC Glas and Fasadkonsult
Olivier is one of ACC’s leading Glass and Façade consultants and Senior Partner. A civil engineer born in Holland, with previous experience from Skandinaviska Glassystem in Sweden before he joined ACC in 2013. He is a specialist in advanced glass...
Façade & Building Performance Specialist, Halio International
Tanguy joined AGC Glass R&D team in 2012 as specialist in building envelope performances, indoor environment quality and daylight management. With AGC, he has provided expertise on the development and integration of advanced glazing solution on facades. Tanguy is currently...
Partner, Wingårdhs Arkitektkontor
Jonas Edblad has followed some of the most crucial projects at Wingårdhs from their very beginning till their execution for more than twenty years. He took his Master’s in architecture at Chalmers in 1991 and joined Wingårdhs from the start....
High Performance Product Manager, Kuraray Europe
Björn Sandén has been working 27 years with interlayers for laminated glass, especially focusing on architectural applications. Interlayers for laminated glass such as Trosifol PVB and SentryGlas® have been key to improve safety, structural performance, acoustic performance and decorative possibilities...
VP - Global Product & R&D, Cosentino Group
Valentin is the worldwide R&D and Product and Innovation Director for Cosentino and is motivated by challenges both technical and strategic. He has strong technical skills honed by market insights after years of travelling around the world understanding market dynamics...
Vice President Thermal Insulation, Evonik Resource Efficiency
Bettina Gerharz-Kalte is Vice President of the new growth business thermal insulation at Evonik and based in Hanau, Germany. Bettina has spent over 25 years within the chemical industry and a dominant share thereof in areas of the building and...
Projects Manager, Elval Colour
Efthimios Zizos is a Civil Engineer and he is for the last 7 years, Projects Manager of Elval Colour. He has more than 17 years’ experience in the field of building constructions and specifically in envelope façades/roofing. His current role...
Conference Agenda
  • Designing our building envelopes for people and developing envelopes that contribute to meeting the active energy needs of the buildings and possibly even exceeding them
  • Analysing the terrific scope for new design options, materials and technology diversity, the success of which also represents social benefit in the long term
  • Developing green building envelopes concepts that are tailored to local and climatically relevant conditions and achieve manifold positive effects that complete each other in the best possible way towards a healthier and more sustainable built environment
  • Energy, resources and well-being in balance
  • Circularity in the building industry
  • Sustainability and architectural quality
  • Size matters when it comes to façade u-value
  • The conflict between EN 17037 and EPBD can only be solved by dynamic façades
  • New options for façades using full spectral calculations of g-sys
  • Design approach
  • Skin definition
  • Detail and technical challenges
  • The use of ETFE systems in modern architecture
  • ETFE – A sustainable option?
  • Case study on the envelope of the MCH Messecenter Herning - The largest fair and exhibition centre in Denmark
  • Contemporary technical solutions does not need technical aesthetics
  • Longevity of architecture through thorough design
  • Quality and craftsmanship
  • Realizing highly bespoke architectural design whilst maximizing off-site production of façade elements
  • Delivering performance criteria such as weather-tightness, ventilation and sound reduction
  • Incorporating different materials such as ceramics into façade elements
  • Build-ability and slick on-site installation
  • Importance of weak winter light, low sun and geographical conditions in designing façades for Nordic climate
  • Importance of the content
  • Importance of the buildings environment
  • Hands on, project based approach towards façade design of fully glazed spaces to meet indoor climate targets
  • Combining Dynamic Thermal Modelling tools and Ray-tracing methods that derives tailor-designed solutions ensuring thermally sound environments
  • Demonstrating elegant design to meet high performance using well informed methods
  • Dynamic glazing to provide solar and glare management along with comfort
  • Control strategy to deliver promised performances
  • System architecture to make Halio flexible and widely accessible
  • Durable, recyclable, non-toxic
  • Safe and non-combustible
  • Project references: Value creation with CALOSTAT®
  • Case study on the Urban Escape, Stockholm
  • Glass floor with glass beams
  • Spectacular glass construction
  • Optimizing laminated glass in structural, acoustic and decorative applications
  • Expanding laminated glass durability and clarity
  • Challenges in new façade designs
  • ACP forming solutions
  • Case Studies
  • Computational translations and transformations in façade design
  • Digital materialization of gradient fields in façade design
  • Geological translations for the façade of the GoDown Arts Center
  • What’s Dekton?
  • Benefits and project references in façades
  • How do I do a Dekton façade?
  • Balancing sunlight blocking and penetration for better inhabitants experience
  • Managing ventilation and relative humidity for comfort ratio in indoor environments
  • Designing façades keeping indoor air quality in mind
  • How façades can help steer clear the sick-building syndrome?
  • Achieving UN's Sustainable Development Goals through façade designs and materials

Kaia Eichler

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