Valentín Tijeras García

VP - Global Product & R&D, Cosentino Group

Valentin is the worldwide R&D and Product and Innovation Director for Cosentino and is motivated by challenges both technical and strategic. He has strong technical skills honed by market insights after years of travelling around the world understanding market dynamics and customer needs.

His major achievements are Changing a one-hit company into a company able to develop succesful products systematically. Brought new product lines, worthy over 25% of company’s revenue (Sensa, Prexury, Integrity, Silestone bathroom, ECO…) and introduced sustainability parameters into product development. Not only profitable products, but also positive impact in environment. He also launched Dekton succesfully, the biggest challenge in Cosentino history (investment 140 million dollar) by defining product price policy to attack new market segments and optimize company profit. He also reorganized innovation portfolio and established a new innovation working frame in the company.