Reda Sejini

Partner, Urbanphenomena: Design+Research

Reda Sejini is co-founder and chief architect of Jeddah based architecture office and design think tank ‘urbanphenomena: design + research’. Cross-breeding the team’s research on urbanism and identity with their architectural design work, the office works beyond the traditional boundaries of construction, experimenting with a diverse set of urban contexts in the region, including Makkah and Madinah. The office is a network of architects, product designers, and visual communication designers, who have teamed up to experiment with the built environment.

The office collaborates with several international firms, most recently, with Stuttgart based Architecture firms Rasch+Bradatsch and the lightweight structures specialists SL-Rasch on the Madinah Piazza Shading Umbrellas project (250 Operable Mega-Umbrellas).

As a writer and an educator, Reda contributed with articles and interviews for the Dutch publication Volume
#23 – Al Manakh: Gulf Continued , as we all as articles for articles for UMRAN, DESIGN Magazine and Al-Benaa Architecture Journal . The office has recently launched a blog on urbanism in Jeddah entitled “Made in Jeddah“ focusing on the urban history of the city, as well as a webbased architectural guide for the city.

Reda holds a Bachelor of Architecture degree from the College of Environmental Design at KFUPM in Dhahran, KSA. Reda continued his graduate studies in Japan, receiving his Master’s degree in Design (Environmental Module) from the Kyushu Institute of design in Fukuoka, Japan. Reda has also recently completed a Master’s of Engineering degree in Lightweight Structures at the Vienna University of Technology, Austria.

Prior to founding ‘urbanphenomena: design + research’ Reda worked at Shin Takamatsu Architect & Associates in Kyoto and was in charge of coordinating international projects.