123rd Edition – Zak World of Façades Egypt

This will be the 123rd edition globally and the 3rd edition in Cairo which will showcase sustainable innovations and challenges in the construction industry pertaining to the building envelope and will also display latest technological solutions.

Speakers and Panelists
Section Head Architecture & Structure Specifications | Deputy Manager Technical Specification Department, Engineering Consultants Group
Mohamed Hussein Abuelyousr holds the position of Architecture & Structure Section Head while also serving as the Deputy Manager of the Technical Specifications Department. He joined ECG in 2008 as a Site Engineer and has steadily progressed in his career,...
General Manager, Alico
Ayman Ibrahim 25+ years of experience in the Facades curtain walls construction industry starting from operations to the technical and material concepts, procurement till the execution and project management as he was involved in delivery of too many complex projects,...
Founder, Arte Divino
Procurement Manager, Orascom Construction
Rafik Wadie is + 13 years of experience in Orascom Construction, a global leading engineering and construction company. His experience went through many phases; project execution, tendering, contracts & claims, Quality control, technical office, planning, and over 9 years in...
Head of Design, Dar Al Mimar Architects
With over 20 years of experience in leadership roles, Amr has served as the COO of the Design and Engineering team at the company. He has successfully navigated all aspects of design, engineering, supervision, and operational strategies for numerous key...
Regional Sales Manager - GCC and Egypt, Knauf Aquapanel
Ahmed Morsi is an architect engineer and regional sales manager at Knauf Aquapanel with responsibility for providing lightweight, high performance facade solutions for construction projects across the GCC. Prior to joining Knauf LLC, Ahmed has gained an in depth knowledge...
Specification Manager – Egypt and North Africa, AkzoNobel
Ahmad is a versatile professional with a background in architecture. Currently, he is the Specification Manager for Egypt and North Africa – Powder Coatings business unit at AkzoNobel. His experience in architecture has given him a unique perspective on creativity...
Director of Façade, Badreldin Real Estate Developments
Graduated from the Department of Architecture, Faculty of Engineering, Ain Shams University in 1985. Façade Engineering has been specialized in the field of building facades since 1989 until now. He started his working life in Egypt in 1989 in the...
Area Sales Manager (Egypt, UAE & Kuwait), Hydro Building Systems Middle East
Haby Yaqob is an architectural engineer graduated from Cairo Academy, and studied Facade Engineering in Bath University in UK, CWCT certified, Autodesk BIM certified, a member of the Egyptian and Saudi Engineers Syndicates and an ardent aluminium lover and sustainability...
Founder | Principal, Elgabaly Architects | , Professor of Architecture, Ain Shams University
Tamer Elgabaly was born in 1970 and spent his childhood in Heliopolis suburban east Cairo, his father was an architect who owned real estate investment co. and factory for furniture industry. Elgabaly studied architecture under graduated courses during the period...
Sustainability Director, Hydro Extrusions
Jean-Marc is Sustainability Director for Hydro Extrusions, having joined as Energy Solutions Manager in 2008. Prior to his current positions, he has held a number of different roles within the organization. Originally from Grand Duchy of Luxemburg, he holds an...
Director - Fire and Life Safety, AESG
Abdullah Faza is the Director of Fire and Life Safety in AESG Middle East, and he holds Bachelor of Science with Honour degree in Fire Safety Engineering University of Central Lancashire, UK, 2014 with Associate Membership in Institute of Fire...
Associate Partner, Oekoplan
Natalie Henain is the director of Design and Innovation at Ökoplan Engineering Consultations, and is one of four associate partners, who seek out new exchange and business opportunities, as well as develop and maintain the firm’s corporate identity and brand....
Director, MT Architects
Mohamed Talaat the founder of MT Architects received his bachelor’s degree in Architectural Engineering in 1996 then launched his design firm & started to work with the armed forces in many “Hotels & Residentials” projects. In 2013 he received his...
Façade Engineering Manager, Khatib & Alami
Medhat is the Managing Director and Senior Façade Specialist at ARKS Designs LLC, a leading façade consultancy company in Egypt/Canada. He has acquired a vast experience in Façade design and engineering of many distinct and highly significant projects at several...
Regional Mega Projects Manager - Africa & Middle East, Guardian Glass
Ahmed is on a mission to help architects, façade designers, and developers to select the right glass for their projects. Ahmed graduated as a mechanical engineer and after that, he worked in the glass field. His passion is to share...
Founding Partner, Adrian Smith + Gordon Gill Architecture
Gordon Gill, FAIA, is one of the world’s foremost exponents of performance-based architecture. Ranging from the world’s tallest buildings to sustainable communities, his work is driven by his philosophy that there is a purposeful relationship between formal design and performance;...
Sales Consultant - Middle East and South Africa, Kuraray
Jan Scheers is a Belgium born glass professional working as a consultant for Kuraray GmbH. He was born in Belgium (°1964) and started working for the US chemical giant DuPont after finishing his Bachelor in Marketing. He worked for 14...
CEO, Koltay Façades
Agnes Koltay has a Masters degree in Architecture (Hungary, USA) and in Façade Engineering (UK) and worked with award winning architects and multidisciplinary engineering companies before founding Koltay Façades, a boutique façade engineering consultancy firm, in 2011. She is the...
Technical Director, KinLong
Leo Liu is the Structural Engineer of KINLONG. He has been specializing in frameless facade design, calculation and installation for 8 years. He has a very rich experience in cable facades and has worked on many projects in the UAE,...
Head of Façade Design Unit, Dar Al-Handasah
Dr. Hani El-Rashidy is a highly specialized façade engineer and gives technical support in designing and construction supervision of building envelopes for major projects in the region. He is a Ph.D. holder in structural engineering as well as the head...
General Manager - MEA, Serge Ferrari
Sanjoe Rodrigues is the General Manager of Serge Ferrari ME. He’s a civil Engineer by profession and has been associated with the field of tensile membrane architecture for over 15 years. He has been in the building industry since 2000...
Conference Agenda
  • The use of parametric modeling tools enables the creation of dynamic façade designs that respond to various environmental and contextual factors, such as sunlight, wind, and view corridors
  • By leveraging digitization, highly efficient and sustainable façades can be developed, significantly enhancing the overall performance and efficiency of buildings
  • Embracing nature-driven façade concepts not only supports a sustainable future but also fosters the well-being and productivity of building occupants
  • Solutions for 1-Ninety project
  • Contributions to Nzeb* / Green Building Certifications
  • New and trendy products for the city of the future
  • Design silos vs holistic design approach: Synergies and interdependencies
  • Balancing performance and cost: Identifying the point of diminishing returns
  • Importance of Building Energy Modeling: Watch the gap!
  • Architectural signature
  • Thermal & visual comfort, solar protection & energy savings
  • Dynamic façades with day/night effect
  • Conformity & suitability to any fire norms & regulations
  • Functional façade design as a brand differentiator
  • Elevation design as a visual identity and recognition tool, contributing to brand equity and recall
  • Emotional connection and user experience through well-executed façade design
  • Importance of sustainability
  • Deployment on real projects
  • Offered opportunities / Opportunities
  • The role of the façade in performance based architecture
  • Advancing technology and the industry through performance façades
  • Blended Systems: The paradigm shift in future façades
  • Frequently missed aspects
  • Building for the future
  • Examples from our practice
  • An architect’s wishlist
  • Changes in construction
  • New age façade solutions
  • Project references across Middle East and case studies
  • Discovering the innovations of the tallest skyscraper's façade design
  • Clarification of the importance of construction testing VMU and PMU
  • Fabrication process of unitized curtain walls and challenges faced during the installation
  • Overview on safety and security glazing
  • Acoustic guidelines for effective noise reduction with laminated safety glass
  • Project case for steel structures, sports stadiums and bridges
  • Solutions and design analysis for the Cambodian National Stadium
  • The development of intelligent double-skin façades through time
  • Practices and project case studies
  • Value engineering
  • Our approach towards sustainability
  • Why Interpon?
  • What powder coatings behold?
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