98th Edition – Zak World of Façades Saudi Arabia

This will be the 98th edition globally and the 2nd edition in Jeddah which will showcase sustainable innovations and challenges in the construction industry pertaining to the building envelope and will also display latest technological solutions.

Speakers and Panelists
Senior Manager - Architectural Glass, Vitro
Khaled Raslan joined Vitro Architectural Glass as the Senior Manager for GCC region back in September 2018. Raslan carries an MBA, and with more than 27 years in the region, he has extensive experience in the commercial construction, automotive industries...
Senior Sustainability Consultant, AESG
Karim Elnabawy is a Senior Sustainability Consultant at AESG, who is handling some of the largest developments in the Middle East. With 12 years of experience, he has wide experience in Sustainable Development, Architecture, Environment, Energy and Construction where he...
Façade Consultant, AESG
Ghina is a Façade Consultant at AESG, Riyadh Office. She has been involved in Façade and Facade Access jobs for prestigious projects in the Saudi Arabia, UAE, and London. She has handled the management and façade design process of a...
Practice Leader, HOK
Basel is the Practice Leader for Architecture at HOK in Dubai. He has 30 years of well-balanced experience in Architectural Design, Project Management, Operations and Business Development. Nearly half of his professional life has been with HOK. Recently he was...
Business Manager Glass - EIMEA, H.B.Fuller/Kömmerling
Ralf Thorwarth is GSM for Segment Glass at H.B.Fuller/Kömmerling in the EIMEA region and is responsible for the Marketing and Sales of Sealants to the Insulating Glass, Façade systems and Window Bonding industry. With a commercial background, he and his...
Middle East Regional Director, Maffeis Engineering
Giovanni Zizioli is the Middle East Regional Director at Maffeis Engineering, a leading international consulting firm, headquartered in Italy. He has been involved in managing, planning, coordinating and designing projects over a wide range of engineering services and in four...
Commercial & Corporate Relations Director, Effisus MENA
Paulo Carvalho is Effisus commercial & corporate relations director, supporting the business with his skill set and experience in the international building construction industry. With a solid experience on sales, management, product development, and business strategy, his current focus is...
Sales and Market Development Manager, Kuraray Europe
Jan Scheers is a Belgium born glass professional working for Kuraray GmbH. He was born in Belgium (°1964) and started working for the US chemical giant DuPont after finishing his Bachelor in Marketing. He worked for 14 years in the...
Head of Façades, WSP
Andy has over 25 years of experience in the field of Building and Construction, ranging from structural testing within the nuclear industry to fire testing. Having established the Dubai Cladding Technology Centre and Laboratory, and operated it for 10 years,...
Director Pre-Construction Services, Schueco Middle East
Thomas Fruhmann is a senior Façade/Building Skin Specialist with a top-level experience in curtain wall construction industry. He has acquired a diversified experience in design, production, project coordination, project management, contracts management, risk management, and tender/sales management, and developed a...
Conference Agenda
  • Advancing net-zero in new developments
  • Integrative design approach and net-zero buildings
  • Design generative and optimization tools
  • Impact of an optimised design with case studies
  • Architectural, Structural and Façade Design in Harmony
  • Influencers of Façade Design
  • Fire rated AVCL membranes & systems: experience since 2011 / tests & approvals
  • Façade applications – Case Studies (GCC & UK)
  • The importance of weatherproofing design – Case Studies (UK & GCC)
  • What are we addressing today?
  • What is an Optical Distortion?
  • What causes the reflective image distortion in insulated glass units?
  • How to lessen the degree of glass optical distortion ?
  • Forced entry protection
  • Ballistic protection
  • Bomb blast protection
  • Advantages of a reactive thermoplastic spacer
  • Energy efficiency through superior gas retention
  • A flexible warm-edge system for boundless design opportunities
  • Integrating design and process to deliver the project on schedule, with a good profit margin and environmental benefits
  • Creating new business models for all stakeholders by finding efficiencies and taking advantage of new technologies
  • Collaborating at the beginning of the project with the fabricator for a seamless flow through to construction
  • Looking at new technologies and manufacturing methods such as off-site modular which don’t constrain creativity but facilitate it
  • Value engineering for bespoke façade procurement to suit local requirements
Event Details