22nd Aug 2019, Le Meridien, Seoul

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Zak World of Façades is an International conference series on façade design & engineering having attracted over 21,144 delegates across its 61 completed editions. The conference is currently being organised in 25 countries in the Middle East (UAE, Qatar, Kuwait & Saudi Arabia), South Asia (India & Sri Lanka), South East Asia (Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia, Philippines, Vietnam & Indonesia), East Asia (South Korea & Greater China), Africa (Kenya, Egypt, Morocco & South Africa),  Europe (United Kingdom, France, Germany & Sweden), Australasia (Australia & New Zealand) and the United States of America.

This is the 66th global edition and the 1st edition in South Korea. It will witness the latest innovations and challenges in the construction industry pertaining to building envelopes and will also showcase latest technological solutions.

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Speakers and Panelists

Conference Agenda

66th Edition - Zak World of Façades Korea, 22nd Aug 2019, Le Meridien, Seoul

Session - 1(09.30 - 10.35)

08.00 - 08.50

Delegate Registration

Event Convenor

08.50 - 08.55

Welcome Address


08.55 - 09.25

Beyond the Façade

  • Living on the edge
  • Inside out, Outside in
  • Canvas undefined
Woo Ill Kim, Executive Vice President of Development Planning, Heerim Architects & Planners

09.25 - 09.50

Window Design and Engineering in Korea

  • Korean energy code and windows
  • Opaque ventilation window: Daishin Finance Center
  • Window remodelling project: Franciscan Abbey in Jungdong
Naree Kim, Architect/Co-founder, VS-A Korea

09.50 - 10.10

Lightweight Façade Solution

  • Textile façade
  • External shading
  • Non-combustible façade solution
Mina Jin, Country Manager, Serge Ferrari Korea

10.10 - 10.30


10.30 - 11.00


Session - 2(11.00 - 13.00)

11.00 - 11.20

Threshold: Where You Start to Experience Something

  • Interface to communicate
  • Interspace to control
  • Interaction to make it
Manchul Jung, Executive & Design Director, Haeahn Architecture

11.20 - 11.40

Parametric Design and Engineering

  • Understand parametric engineering in façades
  • Freeform fabrication and installation
  • Case study on the Morpheus Hotel, Macau and more
Byeonghee Yun, Associate Director - Façade Engineering, BuroHappold

11.40 - 12.00

Striking The Balance of Design Freedom, Quality and Price

  • Challenge between quality and price for façades, doors & windows
  • Architectural design freedom whilst maintaining performance integrity and budget
  • Technical know-how to help take the project to the exemplary level
Stephen Tanno, Director Pre-Construction Services, Schüco International

12.00 - 12.30

Beyond Performance: Symbolism & Iconography

Eui-Sung Yi, Partner, Morphosis

12.30 - 13.30

Networking Lunch Break

Session - 3(13.50 - 15.40)

13.30 - 13.50


Gene Park, Principal, AI Architects

13.50 - 14.10

Powder Coatings for Architectural Applications

  • Specification for architectural coatimgs
  • Trends and new technologies
  • Design app for specifiers
CheolBong Kim, Business Manager - Powder Coatings, Akzonobel Korea

14.10 - 14.30

Context of a Façade

  • Environment analysis
  • Façade & sunlight reflection
  • Project case studies
Dong Hoon Kim, Senior Principal - Innovation Strategies Team, SAMOO Architects & Engineers

14.30 - 14.50

Innovative Glass for Sunroom

  • Overview of traditional sunroom glass consisting of insulating glass units using single or double silver low-e glass which is used as window glass allowing greater natural light transmission but having terrible thermal radiation
  • Insight on the newly developed innovative sunroom glass for skylight and façades that is a great breakthrough using quadruple (three cavities) or quintuple (four cavities) panes of insulting glass units with high performance films
  • How this innovative sunroom glass has advantages such as being lightweight, having a grand vision which is clearer and brighter, better thermal and visual comfort and overall achieving the highest performance
Paul Gao, CEO & General Manager, Tianjin North Glass

14.50 - 15.10

Silicone Innovations for High Performance Buildings

  • TSSA - Transparent Structural Silicone Adhesive
  • Crystal clear solutions for weathersealing - 2400
  • Silicone sealants and cold bent glass
Jayrold Bautista, Sr. Technical Support and Development, Dow Chemical

15.10 - 15.30

Observation Decks: Safety with Laminated Glass

  • Structural design benefits with ionoplast interlayers
  • Transparent guards and walking surfaces
  • Iconic projects with spectacular views
Ron Hull, Americas Marketing Manager, Kuraray

15.30 - 16.00

Networking Tea/Coffee Break

Session - 4(16.00 - 17.45)

16.00 - 16.20

Façade in the 4th Industrial Revolution

  • Real BIM
  • 3D scanner on façade
  • Point cloud
  • AR & simulation
Won Jong Ho, President, Citiwall Engineering

16.20 - 16.40

Analysis of Single Vertical Tension Cable for Façades

  • Stress patterns & features of cable structures
  • Precautions in the design & construction of tension cable system
  • Project case studies
Leo Liu, Structural Engineer, Guangdong Kinlong Hardware Products

16.40 - 17.25

PANEL DISCUSSION : Understanding Façade Process Management - FPM

  • Façade deliveries, understanding and mitigating risk
  • The need for FPM
  • Implementation - Players involved and their roles
  • Possible pitfalls and their avoidance
  • Effect on the bottom line





17.25 - 17.30

Vote of Thanks & End of the Conference

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