Raj Patel

Managing Director, Design Principal, KEO International Consultants

Raj Patel joined KEO International Consultants in 2001 after six years of experience with leading design rms such as Skidmore Owings & Merrill, Perkins & Will and Charles Correa. He obtained a Bachelor of Architecture from the University of Cincinnati in 1993 and a Master of Architecture from Yale University in 1997.

His interest in the culture and the spirit of architecture during his educational years was mixed with the realities of building mega scale projects during his professional career. The result was an understanding of the delicate integration of the architect’s responsibility for creating spirit within the work and the client’s financial investment that follows.

As KEO’s Design Director, he has reaped the benefits of understanding clients, the culture and the architecture of the region. His meticulous design process continually seeks to test countless planning and design concepts for each project in the process of formulating a unique and inspirational design.

Raj has created a contemporary design language which combines modern large-scale building programs with traditional aspects of form, pattern, and cultural space-perceptions related to Islamic architecture. The continual exploration of the cultural meanings found throughout the region has provided inspiration throughout his work in an attempt to situate buildings within their environment.