Ralf Thorwarth

Business Manager Glass - EIMEA, H.B.Fuller/Kömmerling

Ralf Thorwarth is GSM for Segment Glass at H.B.Fuller/Kömmerling in the EIMEA region and is responsible for the Marketing and Sales of Sealants to the Insulating Glass, Façade systems and Window Bonding industry.

With a commercial background, he and his Team has a leading role in this business field in Europe. Ralf has joined Kömmerling in 2010 and looks back to a 30 years’ experience in various roles in Glass, Insulating Glass and Façade systems.

He is supporting the development, introduction and commercialization of Thermoplastic Spacer Systems for Insulting Glass and Facades since the beginning in early 90’s.

In UAE based since 2020 in order to promote and to increase the knowledge about the innovative Façade System Ködispace 4SG for Middle East.

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