Sreenivas Narayanan

General Manager ‑ UAE, India & Oceania, Siderise Group

Sreenivas Narayanan is the General Manager at Siderise Insulation Limited and is in charge of the Middle East, India and Oceania. He has over a decade’s experience in sales, business development and new market development, majority of which has been in the field of passive fire protection and working in the fenestration industry since 2013. He has been in the Middle East since 2007 and has a keen understanding of the region, its requirements and regulations. He has worked extensively with contractors, architects and developers in Middle East, India and Australia, assisting and advising them on matters relating to applicable code compliance and completion of projects. On behalf of Siderise, he has been instrumental in ensuring successful completion of numerous large-scale system tests relating to external façade assemblies. He is a regular participant at various façade and fire-safety conferences and frequently delivers presentations on the subject to industry associates