This was the 57th global edition and the 4th edition in Sri Lanka. The conference discussed the latest innovations and challenges in the construction industry pertaining to the building envelope and the latest technological solutions. Suhel Kachwala, Pulasthi Wijekoon, Mahesh...
This was the 30th edition globally and 3rd edition in Sri Lanka. It showcased the latest innovations and challenges in the construction industry pertaining to building envelopes and the latest technological solutions. Richard Soon Director, P&T Architects Thilan Anuradha Group...
With ever increasing demand for the multi-use urban spaces, there has been a definitive spurt in the housing and urban development activities in Sri Lanka. Numerous tall buildings with a special focus on aesthetics and sustainability are being built by the various international developers....
The face of infrastructure in Sri Lanka is changing with numerous tall buildings dotting the skyline of Colombo and other cities. This has drawn the focus on environmentally friendly buildings and structures that blend in with the landscape is increasing...
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Gregor Loukidis
Nilesh Dongre
Head Developer Spaces
Carl Bhesania
Director - Architecture
Gudrun Sack
Juan Martin De Leon
Sonia Kalia
Principal - Design
Jan Besiakov
Façade Specialist
Khushbu Davda
Principal Architect
Nadav Bar-ner
Project Manager
Oliver Franke
Associate | Head of Building Envelope
Adir Levi
Regional Director
Roberto Fabbri
Façade Specialist
Audun Opdal
Senior Partner and Head of Design
Nivedita Vibhaw
Head Business Development & Marketing
Dinesh Dubey
COO - West India