132nd Edition – Zak World of Façades Saudi Arabia

This will be the 132nd edition globally and the 3rd edition in Jeddah which will showcase sustainable innovations and challenges in the construction industry pertaining to the building envelope and will also display latest technological solutions.

Speakers and Panelists
Operations Manager, Emaar Sky Co.
Kevin Meli, with over 25 years of experience in high-end facades, serves as the Operations Manager at Emaar Sky Co. His expertise spans project management, systems, and innovative facade design, contributing to the success of diverse projects, from towering skyscrapers...
Lead Façade Engineer, WSP
Nady Tanas, a seasoned professional in the construction industry with 18+ years of expertise, is dedicated to sustainable design. His advocacy for eco-conscious initiatives has led to cost-effective projects and superior outcomes. With a multi-disciplinary skill set, he excels in...
General Manager, Cube Metal Industries
Ibrahim Abdallah is a civil engineer and the GM of Cube Metal Industries, a facade contracting company in Jeddah, KSA. He has over 17 years of experience in the Middle East, working on landmark projects with top clients and contractors....
Architect | Construction Manager, Andalusia Group
Market Manager, AGC Fire Rated Glass - GCC & Egypt
Rami Bou Chakra is the Market Manager for AGC Fire Rated Glass in GCC & Egypt, With one year of experience in Fire Rated glass industry and 16+ years’ experience in the façade industry, He had developed a deep understanding...
A professional with 20 years of extensive experience, and solid technical knowledge, covering the design, specification, construction, testing and commissioning of building envelopes. Mr. Abbas holds dual major degrees in engineering, a Master’s degree in Façade Engineering, and a Bachelor...
President's Consultant | Design Director, Zuhair Fayez Partnership
Dr. Hassan Waked has extensive design expertise of 43 years, he worked on comprehensive architectural design and urban planning of mega projects in the Kingdom. (30 years in Zuhair Fayez Partnership as a consultant and director of design, The diversity...
Director - Fire and Life Safety, AESG
Abdullah Faza is the Director of Fire and Life Safety in AESG Middle East, and he holds Bachelor of Science with Honour degree in Fire Safety Engineering University of Central Lancashire, UK, 2014 with Associate Membership in Institute of Fire...
CEO, Pace
Since joining Pace back in 1988, Tarek Shuaib has played a principal role in steering the firm’s innovative, quality-focused and value-driven approach to design and project delivery. As the CEO of Pace, Tarek has shaped the firm’s current position as...
Managing Director, Seele Middle East
Since graduating in civil engineering Oliver is involved in the execution of prestigious construction- and façade projects mainly in the Middle East, Asia and Africa. For over 12 years in UAE, he gained an appropriate market experience and developed a...
International Account Manager, A. Proctor Group
Jeff Dibdin joined the A. Proctor Group in 2010. Jeff has many years of experience in the construction industry, focusing on modular construction, product development and innovation. By advocating a systems-based approach to airtightness the Proctor Group have simplified the...
Senior Manager, Vitro Architectural Glass
Khaled Raslan joined Vitro Architectural Glass as the Senior Manager for GCC region back in September 2018. Raslan carries an MBA, and with more than 28 years’ experience in the region, he has extensive experience in the commercial construction, automotive...
Managing Director - MEIA, CoxGomyl
Kelvin Tan is the General Manager of CoxGomyl & Manntech (Alimak Group) Middle East and Africa. Since his educational background from Mechanical Engineering (NTU, Singapore) and an MBA (Sunderland, UK) and with over 18+ years in the vertical access industry,...
Specifications Manager - GCC & Egypt, Jotun Powder Coatings
As the Specification & Business Development Manager at Jotun Powder Coating based in Dubai office, Khalid has successfully specified and worked on several high-profile projects in the GCC region as well as Egypt & North America. With over 13-years experience...
Product & Marketing Manager, AGC Chemicals Europe
Ben Runhaar is the Product Manager for LUMIFLON and ETFE Film for AGC in the EMEA Region. In his over 20-year career, he held functions in sales, marketing and product management in different parts of the world. In 2013 he...
Technical Director, VS-A
Robert-Jan van Santen graduated in Architecture from UPA3 Versailles, France. He worked for 4 years in “Atelier de Paris” with Renzo Piano in Paris. He set up his own consulting firm focusing on building envelopes, “Bureau d’études façade van SANTEN”...
Managing Director, Werner Sobek Dubai
Benjamin has been working as a façade professional for 20 years with projects around the world and long-term positions in Stuttgart, London, New York and Dubai. After building up and heading the Dubai office of Werner Sobek in the position...
Associate Partner, GMP Architects
Markus Pfisterer has been Associate Partner at gmp’s Berlin office since 2014 and is responsible for an international team of architects. During his studies at Stuttgart University and the Illinois Institute of Technology in Chicago, his focus was already on...
Conference Agenda
  • Vernacular Architecture: Facades responding to hot climate
  • Façade Tectonics: Using materiality to create a sense of belonging
  • Effective strategies for creating energy efficient building façades
  • What is an optical distortion?
  • What causes the reflective image distortion in IGU units?
  • How to lessen the degree of glass optical distortion?
  • Brises-soleil optimization: Innovative strategies to control heat gain and reduce cooling and heating loads for glazed and opaque areas
  • Ublo & UFO: reducing carbon footprint with innovations in frameless and ventilation windows
  • Bespoke window design: Blending tradition and contemporary architecture for KSA
  • How the architecture and façade of a building can support its primary function
  • The effect of materials, shapes, and colours on the final form
  • Designing complex façades in steel and 3D-shaped glass
  • Precision in engineering and manufacturing
  • Light and effect on human beings
  • Glass spectral transmittance and solar control/low-e glass coatings typical in the Middle East
  • Solar spectrum required for human circadian rhythm
  • Research & new glass products for human centric design and to reduce risk of sick building syndrome
  • Digitalization of façade equipment
  • Total cost of ownership and after sales support
  • Safety enhancement on façade access systems
  • Stadium façade design development in architectural history
  • Function, construction and aesthetic of a stadium façade
  • Examples of the façade designs in the architecture of gmp
  • Factors impacting efficiency and influencing the energy performance of building façades
  • Façade energy saving potential assessment
  • Analyzing the energy-conscious design of the SABIC Headquarters
  • Ways to assess existing building façades to ensure it complies with regulation
  • Assessing risks and mitigation of risks
  • Consideration of global best practices, including the PAS9980 methodology
  • LUMIFLON: Fluorinated resin for ultradurable coatings, passing the highest standards
  • Fluon ETFE Film: setting the standard for light weight architectural roof and façade films
  • Why choose Pyrobel glass: fire resistance ratings, passive fire protection, and warranty
  • Introduction about QMEA and Qualicoat
  • Highlights and importance of Qualicoat and different classes
  • Importance of sea-side application
  • What are the primary reasons for project delays in our industry?
  • Addressing the divergent perspectives of key stakeholders throughout the construction cycle, spanning from design to handover
  • How can we enhance the process to better serve the end-user?

Mohamed El Khatib

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