Kamlesh Choudhari

Director, Glass Wall Systems

Born with an aim to conquer his ambition in life and goal. He started working as a entrepreneur to take path in achieving his vision.

With over two decade plus experience in Façade industry.He has played a pivotal role in building up GWS, as a leading player in Façade Industry. Under the leadership, GWS has successfully executed many complex, & high rise projects in India.

Kamlesh Choudhari himself believes that Glass Wall System is the complete blend of skills ranging from structural engineering through building physics, architecture, manufacturing, materials science, dynamics, programming, procurement, project management and construction techniques & helping in making this planet a GREEN PLANET. He also played key role in promoting Green building concepts in India.

This remains as the ultimate goal in support of the environmental conditions.

Mr. Choudhari has been recognized at several prestigious forums for his contribution to the Facade industry.