104th Edition – Zak World of Façades Israel

This will be the 104th edition globally and the 1st edition in Tel Aviv which will showcase sustainable innovations and challenges in the construction industry pertaining to the building envelope and will also display latest technological solutions.

Speakers and Panelists
Head of Innovation and Research, Ministry of Construction and Housing
Yoni Ofek is the Head of Innovation and Research unit in the Strategy and Policy Planning Division of the Ministry of Construction and Housing. Yoni holds a Master of Engineering degree from University College London and is experienced with projects...
CEO, Electra Construction
Leader - Technical Support, Rawlplug
In 2013, Wojciech graduated from the Faculty of Architecture, majoring in urban planning. For over 10 years Wojciech has been gaining experience as a designer and engineer in the construction sector. Currently, Wojciech works as a Leader of Technical Support...
Founding Partner, Mann Shinar Architects & Planners
Amir Mann, Founding Partner at Mann Shinar Architects & Planners Ltd., operated as Head of Design for the recently opened Ilan and Assaf Ramon International Airport, presently nominated for numerous international design awards. Born in 1950, Israel, Mann graduated the...
Project Manager, Intel
Nadav has over 25 years of experience with Intel Corporation and is presently working as Corporate Services Site Manager leading an advanced facilities operations & construction organization in support of Intel RnD operations for all Intel Israel Campuses, with 3+...
Regional Director, Cosentino Israel
Adir Levi, aged 44, married and father of three children, a Building Practical Engineer and holder of degree in Business Administration. Has been serving as Regional Director of Cosentino Israel since 2018. Cosentino is a Spanish company specializing in manufacturing...
Partner, Landmann Aluminum
Eldad Granot started working at the “Landman-Aluminum” in 1995. Since 2008, he has been a partner with engineer Motti Landmann (B.Sc.) in the ownership of the firm. The Landman office provides façade consulting services, in all matters related to aluminum...
Associate, Herzog & de Meuron
Maximilian Beckenbauer graduated from The Bartlett School of Architecture in 2002 and received his diploma from the Architectural Association, London in 2006. Prior to joining Herzog & de Meuron in 2010, Max worked for several companies, including 6A in London,...
Founder and Lead Architect, D-BLK Architects
Raphael de la Fontaine is an architect, urbanist, designer and lecturer. He specializes in complex buildings design as well as metropolitan architecture and urbanism. He completed his Bachelors of Architecture at Pratt Institute and his Masters of Architecture at Yale...
Director of Innovation, Hydro Building Systems
After training as a mechanical engineer, he joined the company as research engineer. Then, as a project leader, he designed several product ranges (casement window, door, façade). After that, for a number of years, he worked as a safety and...
CEO, Alumeshet
57 years old, graduate of a Practical engineering school with 30 years of knowledge with the Facade field in a variety of roles, starting with installations and project management through production management and factory management and served for the last...
Partner & VP - Engineering, Acro Real Estate
Chairman and Owner, Israel-Canada Group
Asaf Touchmair started his career as a real estate agent and owing to an ironclad work ethic and vigorous determination he quickly skyrocketed to success as an independent entrepreneur. In 1998 Asaf started making real estate transactions in Canada and...
Architect and Owner, Yashar Architects
Born and raised in Tel Aviv, Avner Yashar is the chief architect and owner of ‘Yashar Architects’. He is deeply invested in Israeli cities architecture and urban design and has a vast experience of 35 years. Over the past 20...
VP - Sales & Marketing, Alumeshet
36 years old, married to Mor and father to Omer. BA in Business Administration and MBA from the College of Management Academic Studies, has 13 years of experience in the field of building facades. Barak, VP of business development at...
Director of Sustainable Planning and Energy, Tel Aviv - Yafo Municipality
Boaz Kedar (PhD) is the Director of Sustainable Planning and Energy at the Tel Aviv – Yafo Municipality. In his position, Dr. Kedar advances sustainable and equitable urban planning policy, in tune with city dynamics, climate and society. His unit...
CEO and Founder, Alfa Sustainable Projects
Chen is the founder and CEO of Alfa Sustainable Projects Limited, specializing in highly technological sustainable projects, and is the chairman of the Israeli Green Building Council. Alfa is leading the sustainable design of some of the highest profile projects...
VP Engineering, Gav-Yam
Chairman, WXG
Guy Geva is the Chairman of the Board at WXG (Waxman Govrin Geva). He joined the company in 2002 as a leading civil engineer & construction project manager to begin and assemble the company’s technological engineering interface. With the interface...
Head of Technical Department, Alumeshet
Hillel has more than 15 years of experience in the facade business. He worked in production, installation, and sales. Hillel has in-depth knowledge in the field of system development for facades and in recent years, he leads and manages the...
Principal, KPF
In his over 30 years at KPF, Josh Chaiken has led the design of a number of the firm’s most impactful projects across North America and Asia. Central to his approach is the synthesis of identity, placemaking, wellness, and sustainability....
Senior Partner | Head of Design, MYS Architects
Rachel Feller is a senior partner and head of design at MYS Architects. She joined Yasky Architects in 1988, soon after graduating with honors from the Department of Architecture and Town Planning at the Technion in Haifa, Israel. In 2006...
Business Development & Specifications Manager, Siderise Middle East
Ricky has over 11 years’ experience in working on passive fire compartmentation and noise control solutions for all kinds of unusual, large-scale and iconic façade developments all over the world, which have been required to facilitate best practice with the...
CEO, Demo Consulting & Engineering
Mr. Yonatan Yulevich owns and manages DemoFacade, which is located in Tel Aviv. Being a specialist in designing facades & building envelopes and aluminum systems since 1994, he has an in-depth experience with high-rise buildings & skyscrapers including Double Skin...
Founder, Moshe Zur Architects & Town Planners
In 1974, Moshe Tzur received the title of “Town Planning Architect” as the top of his class on the Dean’s list. He excelled in Math and Physics, and his work is based indeed on rational examination and analysis as the...
Sales Consultant - Middle East and South Africa, Kuraray
Jan Scheers is a Belgium born glass professional working as a consultant for Kuraray GmbH. He was born in Belgium (°1964) and started working for the US chemical giant DuPont after finishing his Bachelor in Marketing. He worked for 14...
Technical Sales Engineer, Elval Colour
Angelos Zografos is a Civil Engineer holding the position of Technical sales Engineer in Elval Colour. He has more than 10 years of experience in civil and structural engineering and has participated in the analysis and design of structural systems,...
Group CEO, Priedemann Façade Experts
Lars Anders is the CEO of Priedemann Façade Experts and Façade-Lab Research & Development Center, which accomplishes tasks relating to the façade or building envelope. In this role, He manages and leads along with his managing partners, a team providing...
CEO, Koltay Façades
Agnes Koltay has a Masters degree in Architecture (Hungary, USA) and in Façade Engineering (UK) and worked with award winning architects and multidisciplinary engineering companies before founding Koltay Façades, a boutique façade engineering consultancy firm, in 2011. She is the...
Associate Principal | Façade Engineering and Building Physics, Arup
Tali Mejicovsky is an Associate Principal at Arup in New York and Façade Skills Leader across four façade groups in the Americas (Los Angeles, New York, San Francisco, and Toronto). She has more than 20 years of façade experience around...
Conference Agenda
  • Sustainable foundation
  • Technological update
  • Trend following adaptability
  • Designing today for tomorrow
  • Façade design as a key factor for a high-quality project
  • How the architect is the leader for façade design to achieve these goals
  • Looking at different aspects of the façade design which is coordinated and designed by the architect to ensure the architectural integrity
  • Population growth has led to carbon emissions caused by human activity to increasing steadily for a century, leading to critical climate changes leading to more and more people choosing to live in urban centres, creating new space and mobility issues
  • How such factors have influenced the way we design and build in the coming years i.e more sustainable buildings integrated in a more structured way
  • Insight on dynamic and multi-functional envelopes that are able to manage more efficiently all the constraints and to respond to new functionalities thanks to the contribution of new technologies
  • Project case studies outlining scope, approach and tools
  • Guiding first principles of climate, sustainability and code
  • Upcoming technologies and future trends
  • Key parameters and case studies of system development process
  • Sustainable approach for high performance façades
  • Parametric design, dynamic static simulations, wind, air, and sound simulations
  • Formal innovation within typologies: Tool design as a model for a formal innovation
  • Where are the opportunities to innovate within façade typologies? Where does intuition come in?
  • Façade expression typologies - Abstract to Referential to Abstract - KPF 1976 to 1992
  • Neutral to Figural - Suzhou Park Hyatt to Perfect Auto - supporting identity with functionality
  • Tectonic to Monolithic - Xintiandi Hotels - façade design as primary identity
  • Atriums: An extension of the city life
  • The vital role of outdoor (work) space
  • Building traffic: An extension of the city streets and squares
  • Introduction to differing requirements of tall building façades; such as building movements, wind pressure, accessibility, fire, etc
  • How high-rise buildings allow for customization and optimization of façades
  • Different system concepts, their benefits, cost-efficiency
  • Case study examples of projects worldwide, detail drawings and explanation
  • Defining aluminium composite properties
  • Addressing the challenges in new façade designs and ACP forming solutions
  • Projects references
  • The need for perimeter fire & smoke seals to accommodate various structural movements
  • Applicable fire test standards for the fire performance of aluminum curtain wall structures
  • Acoustic flanking solutions for curtain wall structures
  • Overview on safety and security glazing
  • Acoustic guidelines for effective noise reduction with laminated safety glass
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